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White-Fronted Scoops Owl

White-Fronted Scoops Owl
White-Fronted Scoops OwlTraditional hilltribe whistleHand-made by Akha hilltribe artisansHand-painted detail
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$19.99 each


Each of our clay whistle sculptures is hand-formed from locally sourced clay and hand-painted by one of our Akha hilltribe artisans.

The White-fronted Scoops Owl (Otus Sagittatus) has a small and declining population due to its natural habitat being rapidly destroyed. It has two camouflage modes : one is that is the little owl can puff up its feathers to triple its size, the second is that it can stretch it body upwards and turn its head at an angle in the direction of the thing it's hiding from, to look very thin, almost invisible.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

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