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Red-Flanked Bluetail Necklace

Red-Flanked Bluetail Necklace
Red-Flanked Bluetail NecklaceHand-painted & Hand-made by Akha hilltribe Artisans
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$8.99 each



Presented with a hand-made cotton pouch with painted detail on front.


Each of our Clay Whistle Necklaces are hand-made using locally sourced clay, and hand-painted by our Akha hilltribe artisans.

The Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus), is also known as the Orange-Flanked Bush-Robin. As the name implies, they have a blue tail and rump, with orange-red flanks; they also have a white throat and greyish-white underparts, and a small, thin black bill and slender black legs. 

Conservation Status: Least Concern